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Brainco Inc - Buyers & Consultants

About Us

Our company:

Brainco Inc - Buyers & Consultants is a company specialized in procurement since mid 1990's, on several fields like Image & Printing technology, Computer Storage & Media, Medical & Instrumental, Measurement & Precision Industrial Tools, Chemistry & Polymer Compound, Textiles, among others . Our headquarters is based in Miami - Florida USA with over 4.000 square foot owned facility, where our qualified staff handle consulting, purchasing and logistics under the same roof. Our experience in leading this particular market comes from 1987 when its directors started in the trading business.

Our mission:

Our most precious possession is our clients, they are responsible for our continuous growth and expansion. We understand that good and valuable business comes as a result of a good relationship.
Our goal is to build solid and long lasting partnerships, selling high quality products with the best possible prices, essential to maximize their competitiveness and profitability.

Our philosophy:

Our philosophy centers on the quality of the products we sell and customer service provided. More than just a distributor, we fully understand and are always striving for total satisfaction to ensure a long term partnership.

Our values:

Commitment to quality, excellence, uncompromising service, professionalism and integrity.